GIVE A HAND. Save one, save all.

To reduce the issue of rape, we have to educate the girl child in the right way and teach them the stages of adolescent. When I went to check on a friend back in school, I saw this girl i think she’s around the ages of 13, 14. She was on her period but couldn’t understand what was happening. When I saw her, I asked what happened to her cause she was soaked with blood and didn’t even border about it because she didn’t know the meaning. I bought a pad for her and showed her how to put it on. I wonder what would’ve happened if one of these senseless guys saw her before I did. Please some children dont have the opportunity to know their parents, let’s give a hand. If you come in contact with such children, especially the girls please give a hand by buying a pad for them and educating them before someone else does it wrongly. God bless.

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