Nigeria the home of all Managements: we manage our government, manage our leaders, manage our roads. Some manage their marriages, some their husbands, some their wives, some manage their siblings. We manage electricity, manage water, manage bettery on our phones, manage our economy, manage situations, manage our cars and sometimes manage our lives. What a country called Nigeria?.


The lockdown by the Federal Government cause of the Corona virus is not funny at all. Sellers in the market have inflated the prices of almost everything, there’s no light to keep one busy, there no money to get little thing to eat. It’s really not funny. Plans should have been made to provide for the common man. We don’t sleep well at night cause of robbers who are bored and broke. Please am using this medium to plead with the Nigeria Government, things need to changed for our sakes.


The world due to running ups and downs searching for wealth, power, and fame we have failed to take a pause and think of our lives. The high and mighty who have little or no regard for human life are running to refuge, their wealth can no longer save them. It’s a sign, the creator is trying to turn the world’s attention back to Himself. Peace be still. Streets, markets, schools have been shut down. We all have to turn back to Him, no place to hide even for the high and mighty. It’s time to turn back. I pray for the world and the affected families may God give them the grace to bear the loss and to us the heart to face this storm.

Its deeper than you thought.

Who I am.

Hahaha just remembered when I went to a friend’s birthday and was brought home without knowing where I was because I had a couple of alcohol. Hahaha just remembered how I went to a night club with a friend, I could dance very well but after some hours i started missing my bed and insisted on running back home to it. Remember been invited by a friend to sharaton hotel for a fashion show, I turned it down cause I couldn’t take the stress of walking out late at night. I begin to wonder what kind of being I am? But I felt bad when a friend said it’s my attitude thats why I couldn’t keep a man, I felt really bad. That am an introvert. That most men love a lively and wild lady, and they’ll always take me for granted since I always throw my love nest deeper instead of wider. But am proud of who I am, I believe the world belong to those that are capable of living and that’s exactly what I’ll do. Live!!!

What’s your take on this?

Don’t marry a career woman and force to be a house wife says actor Yul Edochie. Many homes are experiencing such problems today and due to lack of understanding has caused many homes to be broken. When a man will force his educated wife to stay at home and take care of the house, she has her own career and destiny to fulfil for God’s sakes. If you can’t handle a career woman or a woman who wants to be up and doing, you can simply get yourself a wife that would not want to do anything in life. Ofcourse there are plenty of them out there. Do yourself a favor and go for the one you truly want cause you’re the only one that’ll deal with it later.

It hurts but its fine.

Some people feel I shouldn’t talk about it but I really want to pour my heart out. Just ended a five years relationship, I have been trying to make it work with all my strength but you can’t just force some things to be. Am just not lucky I guess, most of the guys I have dated didn’t respect my loyalty. It hurts alot. But it better to deal with yourself instead of tryna force a relationship to be. I am wondering if i was already married to this guy already what would’ve happened? A peaceless home? That’s not my dream for marriage. The least I could get in my marital home is peace. Is there a perfect man out there? Just wondering.

GIVE A HAND. Save one, save all.

To reduce the issue of rape, we have to educate the girl child in the right way and teach them the stages of adolescent. When I went to check on a friend back in school, I saw this girl i think she’s around the ages of 13, 14. She was on her period but couldn’t understand what was happening. When I saw her, I asked what happened to her cause she was soaked with blood and didn’t even border about it because she didn’t know the meaning. I bought a pad for her and showed her how to put it on. I wonder what would’ve happened if one of these senseless guys saw her before I did. Please some children dont have the opportunity to know their parents, let’s give a hand. If you come in contact with such children, especially the girls please give a hand by buying a pad for them and educating them before someone else does it wrongly. God bless.

They are watching, be careful.

Good evening fam, i have this experience bordering me that I want to talk about. In the year 2007, I was still kinda little and we lived in two rooms in a compound. There was this neighbour that lived next to our room, he had 2 kids already of age 7, and 3 and each time it 1:00am at late morning, he’ll start hitting his wife. It’s got to an extent one night that the woman called for neighbours to come help her. We all ran out of our rooms started knocking at the door so she could open up but she never did. When it was day break, she couldnt look into our eyes. When I tried asking my mom what really happened, she scolded me and asked me never to say anything about it. The kids who are now grown ups were there and witnessed what happened. What do you think happened and how did the children feel that night?

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