Oh woman where is thy speciality?                                     Thy body cry for clemency.      God created thee specially.        Universe admires thee.              Thy body carefully and wonderfully fixed.                    Wired fearlessly and tirelessly.      Given Eve as thy mother,.               She faced the serpent fearlessly.  Also decided without fear.              Oh creditable woman.              .  At the centre of your legs,.              Comes the most beholdingContinue reading “O WOMAN”

I thought the Bible say that when two people come together as husband and wife, they are now one. I thought marriage is suppose to be a happy place, where you stay with those you love. Apparently marriage is not what it is atall. Ironically it has turn to a hell hole. My sister is being bitten everyday and maltreated by her own husband. She cannot stay in her own home which is supposed to be her happy place. I think and thought and don’t know what to do.


Nigeria the home of all Managements: we manage our government, manage our leaders, manage our roads. Some manage their marriages, some their husbands, some their wives, some manage their siblings. We manage electricity, manage water, manage bettery on our phones, manage our economy, manage situations, manage our cars and sometimes manage our lives. What aContinue reading “NIGERIA AND MANAGEMENT”

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